Josephine & Co strives for superior quality

Josephine & Co is a Dutch fashion brand found in 1994. They aim for superb quality. In every single step of the chain, not deaf to the global cry for sustainability. Always looking for the best sustainable options that meet their high level of quality and sense of fashion.


Josephine & Co




Shopify webshops


Webshop migration
Case: Josephine & Co on Shopify

Services we provided

Responsive design

Store building


from scratch

When we started this project there was no webshop at all. Only a Shop Finder on the website. And that’s where Code and Shopify come in. We build the webshop from scratch. In collaboration with SAMT Agency, the most beautiful design came to life in (3 languages!). Josephine & Co has a small collection so we did focus on little details like videos playing at the collection and product pages.

Case: Josephine & Co on Shopify
Case: Josephine & Co on Shopify

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