Perfection is the Goal: MR MARVIS is ready to grow through Shopify

After more than a year of research and product development, MR MARVIS released the ultimate pair of shorts in 2016. Unlike other brands, MR MARVIS never changes its fit and timeless look. This is called slow fashion: if something is perfect, why adjust it? Our collaboration with MR MARVIS started about five years ago and our latest milestone is the launch of their new Shopify webshop in 2022.




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Briefing: Upgrading to Shopify 2.0

In 2021, Shopify launched a major update: Shopify 2.0. Besides the improvement in performance and page speed, the new 'sections everywhere' is our favorite. You can build up every page completely modularly and adjust it yourself. No wonder our customers can't wait to get their hands on this feature. For MR MARVIS, the transition to 2.0 was the perfect moment for a design & UX refresh by Bolden and the introduction of new functionalities that further enhance their brand experience.

"Converting all our shops to 'Online Store 2.0' was the perfect moment to take a critical look at all elements together with Code and determine their purpose as a whole. We have left out some elements, while others became more prominent. This new base is the perfect foundation to build upon because there is always room for improvement." - Kees Kraakman, Head of E-Commerce at MR MARVIS

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Design: add to your shopping cart in three clicks

As always, MR MARVIS strives for perfection. The webshop must be solid down to the pixel, endlessly flexible and ready to scale in any direction. For a next-level customer experience, you need quite a few things. But above all, there are things you don't need. As Steve Jobs once said, "Design is a funny word. Some people think design means how it looks. But of course, if you dig deeper, it's really how it works."

Lead Front-end developer Melvin explains: "The new MR MARVIS shop is brought back to its core: clean and simple. This created space for the new color wheel where MR MARVIS can show endless options, even products with a print. MR MARVIS is all about the perfect shorts and trousers in a wide range of colors, and you can now see all the options at a glance."

The color wheel integrates into the menu, so you can go directly to your favorite item and skip the collection page. This means the product is in your shopping cart within three clicks. Just grab the new size guide, and choose the right size in one shot. The size guide saves MR MARVIS a lot of returns: win-win and sustainable.

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Code Returns & Exchanges app

Does a customer still want to return? The Code Returns & Exchanges app ensures this also is a smooth experience. In addition to managing returns, the app encourages customers to exchange their products for a different size, color or even a differently-priced product. This way, the app saves time and costs and increases revenue by retaining the customer during the return process: exchange more, refund less.

"The Code Returns & Exchanges app is now running in eight different countries and has resulted in a 70-90% reduction in FTEs dealing with returns and a zero margin of error. In addition, a significant number of customers now decide to exchange: revenue that MR MARVIS retains, according to COO Carl Brenninkmeijer.

A good and efficient returns process touches all facets of an e-commerce organization, and optimizing it adds value in many ways. Do you also want to optimize your return process and stimulate exchanges? In this demo we show you how the Code Returns & Exchanges app works.

Learn more about Code Returns & Exchanges

Physical stores and international growth

MR MARVIS will remain an e-commerce brand, but have chosen to open physical stores in Amsterdam and Antwerp. You can see these flagship stores as an offline version of the webshop. You can find all products and colors there, but if there is no stock, you can easily order your size via the tablet with Shopify POS in the store and deliver it to your home. Easy as that!

Future plans for MR MARVIS? They are always moving forward. An important goal is to put the German webshop on the map. The first step was taken by bringing the new online store to life.

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