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Grow your e-commerce revenue and business - without buying traffic

Do you have ambitious plans for your e-commerce business? Then you are going to need a sustainable, long-term growth strategy - and a growth partner you can rely on. Tap into Code’s extensive e-commerce experience to navigate the changing landscape of online acquisition, and future-proof your brand. We offer you the tools and benchmarks you need, and we know a million tricks, big and small, to crank up your revenue a notch.


Why customer retention is the way to go

How do you grow your revenue in times when online advertising is getting more expensive and less effective by the day? By focusing on the customers you already have. 

Paid traffic only increases your Churn Rate: the percentage of one-time customers your store attracts. Those customers do nothing for your revenue, and often only cost you money. You would be much better off with loyal customers that buy a lot, and often. 

But where do you find those? We’ll let you in on a secret: great customers like that are made, not born. And you can start practising with your existing customers - with a little help from Code.

How E-Commerce Growth works

Curious how E-Commerce Growth really works? We wrote four in-depth blogs about it, with lots of actionable tips and tricks: 

Growth rocket | Code

Code is your growth partner

One thing we know very well at Code is that growth requires a sustained effort. It doesn’t happen overnight - and you will need all the help you can get. It takes time to win people’s affection and build a long-term relationship with your customers. 

Lucky for you, at Code we’ve got Coen, our E-commerce Strategist. Coen has spent the last 12 years trying out every trick in the book, launching and scaling businesses left right and centre. He knows what works, and he will happily share all that knowledge with you. 

So if you’re looking for a good, dependable growth partner: look no further! Want to know what you can expect from a growth project with Code? Here’s a brief overview of the steps we will take you through. 

Code E-Commerce Growth
Coen Fredriks | E-Commerce Strategist Code

Code’s Growth & Acceleration program

1. Kick-off
First, we’ll have a nice chat to see if we’re a match. You tell us about your business and where you want to take it, we tell you what we can do for you (and what it will cost) in some detail. If we’re not a match, we will tell you that too, and see if we can refer you to a more suitable partner.

2. Audit
If we’re agreed after that introduction, it’s time to get this train rolling! We will start with analysing your store’s current performance and see where there is room for improvement. How is it currently doing in terms of Average Order Value, Frequency and Customer Count? Bonus: we’ll calculate your Churn Rate, too… Prepare to be shocked.

3. Brainstorm
Now that we know what we’re working with, we will have a massive brainstorm on how to optimise AOV, F and CC. Prepare to really get creative. We will dig up every idea you ever had and did not do anything with and we will add everything we ever tried with clients before that might work for your business as well.

4. Prioritise
We’ll put all the ideas in a backlog, and then score them individually on:

  • I - Impact - how much impact it will have (high, medium, low)
  • C - Confidence - how successful you expect it to be (very, quite, not at all successful)
  • E - Ease - how easy it is to implement (easy, moderate, hard)

Then do the math: which ones are easy to implement, will have a high impact, and will be very successful according to you? We prioritise all the ideas, determine a shortlist and make a plan of action. (Spoiler alert: Klaviyo email marketing will probably be on the shortlist!)

5. Implement
Let’s get cracking! Now that we have a clear set of priorities, let’s get to work on them. We will implement, analyse the results, iterate, analyse again, keep tweaking and finetuning until you’ve reached your target (or a ceiling). Throughout all this, we’ll be in close communication so you always know what Code is doing.

6. Rinse & repeat
Are the first optimisations showing results? Then  it’s time to get back to the brainstorming file, make a new shortlist and start work on that. Don’t forget to sit back and enjoy those improving stats of yours every once in a while, though! 

Want to join the program? Let’s meet up!

Are you serious about growing your brand?  You’re welcome to book a sparring session with us to discuss what Code can do for you. We’d love to include you in our Growth & Acceleration program.

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