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Code is one of the top Shopify Plus agencies in the Netherlands. Becoming a Coder means you will be at the forefront of bringing Shopify stores to life for cool and ambitious brands. We design, develop and optimize the most business critical tool of our clients: their e-commerce platform. 

Brands we work with include: Stoov McGregor, Farmer Gracy, The Sports Edit, MR MARVIS, By-bar, Osaka, Fascino Coffee, 10DAYS and Rosefield.

We are always on the lookout for bright, ambitious and enthusiastic people to join our agency. We’re a team of 60 developers, project- and account managers, marketeers and strategists from 16 different nationalities with a shared passion: e-commerce. We are remote-friendly and spread across our three offices in Delft, Amsterdam and Berlin.

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We're on the look outfor talents

Customer Success Manager

You have talent to help our customers grow

Delft / Amsterdam

Senior Full Stack JS App Developer

Drive development for our Returner app

Fulltime / Parttime
Delft / Amsterdam

Solution Engineer

The webshop is the house, and you make the construction drawing

Fulltime / Parttime
Delft / Amsterdam

Our core values

Client value3

Client value

Team play

Team play

Built to last-1

Built to last

Personal growth

Personal growth

Our mission is to help our clients thrive. Bringing value is part of everything we do. The Shopify stores and apps we build are rock solid, every piece of code we deliver is built to last and scale. We can only achieve this when our team play is strong. This means we share knowledge, responsibility and have each other’s backs. We are social nerds who not only talk code. To be able to work on our clients’ success, we feel your own growth is just as important. That is why we embrace our warm and energizing culture. Besides an income, our workplace must bring you satisfaction, happiness and personal growth.