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Watch your e-commerce business grow up fast with Shopify Plus!

Is your e-commerce brand ready to scale internationally? Then your business is ready for Shopify Plus: the best SaaS e-commerce platform to make it happen. 

Whether you are already a Shopify merchant or still on another platform: with Shopify Plus you join the ranks of a successful group of international enterprise brands who scaled up their business at an impressive speed.

And this is a viable move with a monthly revenue as low as $100.000. Not kidding. Scroll down and we will show you.


Advantages of Shopify Plus

Before you, enterprise brands such as O’Neill, Allbirds and Gymshark have put their trust in Shopify Plus. And with good reason: all the valuable features you know from Shopify, and then some!

  • Shopify Plus is the best setup for brands that want to grow fast internationally and localize and optimize their customer experience.

  • Set up 9 extra stores without additional cost, to serve other regions or launch a B2B webshop. You can manage these stores from a single dashboard, without having to log in again.

  • Are you growing fast, but are there still a lot of manual tasks slowing you down? With Shopify Plus you get access to Shopify Flow and Launchpad. These tools help you automize and plan tasks in your online store, so you can get more done in less time.

  • With Shopify Plus you have the option to customize your checkout. Upgrade your store’s most important conversion page by adding upsell and cross-sell possibilities.

  • With Shopify Scripts you can set ‘smart rules’ to apply customer-specific discounts, shipping options and payment methods. This serves to personalize your checkout and generate more sales.
  • Due to its infinite scalability, Shopify Plus allows you to process more than 10.000 transactions per minute.

  • The fast Shopify Plus API allows for unlimited integration with other IT platforms such as Akeneo, Netsuite or Microsoft Dynamics 365.

  • Get access to Shopify Plus apps, developed specifically for fast-growing webshops.

  • Get 24/7 access to superfast phone support for Shopify Plus clients only, and your own Merchant Success Manager.

  • You can use Shopify's B2B solution for free, including customer-specific prices and minimum order quantities.

  • With Shopify Plus you can manage sales channels such as Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Messenger and WhatsApp from a single dashboard.

  • Last but not least: Shopify Plus transaction costs (0,15%) are lower than those of other Shopify subscriptions. This means that, starting at a yearly revenue of roughly 5 million, Shopify Plus will be cheaper. Note: If you use Shopify Payments, transaction costs are waived.

Want to know more about the cost of Shopify Plus? Scroll down!

Upgrade from Shopify to Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus is Shopify’s big brother. An e-commerce solution that grows along with your business, and keeps pace all the way to enterprise level. With the user friendliness you know from Shopify, plus everything you need to expand sustainably.

Is your Shopify webshop ready for the next level? Don’t worry about IT any longer and focus on what you’re good at. Code and Shopify take care of the rest.

In case you’re thinking your business is far too small to even consider such a move: keep on reading!

Shopify Plus cost: why it pays off to move early

At Code we see many Shopify merchants making an early switch to Shopify Plus, at a yearly revenue of 1 or 2 million euros. At that point Shopify Plus is still more expensive than other Shopify subscriptions. Why do these merchants go for it anyway?

Because the difference in cost is quite small. Because with Shopify Plus you can automate a lot more – allowing you to save money elsewhere. And because with Shopify Plus you can optimize your customer experience so well that your investment will translate into impressive growth rates.

Although we look for the best Shopify setup for each individual business, we see most of our clients make the switch to Shopify Plus at a monthly revenue of €100.000. And none of them regret it!

Shopify Plus cost: the tipping point when Shopify Plus costs less than Shopify Advanced

So what’s the deal with the cost of Shopify Plus? The simple answer: its monthly fee is 0,25% of your revenue, with a minimum of $2.000.

Is your revenue less than $800.000 a month? Then Shopify Plus costs $2.000 a month. Do you turn over more than $800.000 a month? Then Shopify Plus costs 0,25% of your revenue.

But take note: this isn’t the complete picture yet. In addition to your monthly fee, with Shopify Plus you pay a commission of 0,15% of your revenue (unless you use Shopify Payments). Now this is where it gets interesting for existing Shopify merchants: that 0,15% is well below the 0,5% commission you would pay with a Shopify Advanced subscription.

Hence, there is a tipping point at which you can claim all the advantages of Shopify Plus, at the same cost as Shopify Advanced.

So where is this tipping point, you ask? That depends on a few factors, such as your revenue, how many storefronts you have, and if you use Mollie or Shopify Payments (because they charge transaction costs).

Would you like to know what this calculation looks like for your business and which Shopify plan we advise? Fill out our contact form and we'll reach out to you within one workday to give you free advice.

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Shopify Plus cost: a sample calculation

To give you an idea we will show you a basic sample calculation. This is a comparison of the cost for a bilingual website with a yearly revenue of $5 million. With Shopify Advanced the monthly fee is $299 per store: hence, in a two-language multistore-setup you pay the fee twice. With Shopify Plus you don’t pay double anymore, because with Shopify Plus you can have up to 9 stores in a single account.



Shopify Advanced
Monthly fee of $299 x 12 months x 2 stores = $7.176
Commission on sales 0,5% of $5 million = $25.000
Total cost: $32.176 per year

Shopify Plus
Monthly fee of $2.000 x 12 months = $24.000
Commission on sales 0,15% of $5 million = $7.500
Total cost: $31.500 per year

Migrate from another platform to Shopify Plus

Are you currently on another platform and not satisfied? These are 4 signals that it's time for a platform switch.

Code is happy to help you with your replatforming to Shopify Plus. Quite a few well-known brands preceded you. Curious how they experienced their migration to Shopify? Read our case interviews with MUD Jeans (WooCommerce to Shopify Plus), Stoov (Lightspeed to Shopify Plus), and O'Neill (SalesForce Commerce Cloud to Shopify Plus).

Clients like MR MARVIS and The Sports Edit prove that Shopify Plus is a full-fledged alternative to enterprise ecommerce platforms like Salesforce Commerce Cloud or Adobe Commerce. Here are the top five benefits of Shopify vs other ecommerce platforms.

Code can quickly migrate your webshop from platforms such as Magento, Shopware, WooCommerce, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, BigCommerce, or Lightspeed to a Shopify Plus store. We ensure a smooth and safe transition of all (customer) data, orders, products, and web pages without any downtime. In addition, we integrate Shopify Plus with all the rest of your systems, such as your ERP and PIM. In this way, we realize a future-proof platform in no time with which your brand is ready for further growth.

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A selection of our Shopify Plus clients

Code is Shopify Plus Partner

Are you looking for a reliable partner for your Shopify Plus adventure? When you’re reading this, you already found one. Code is one of the very few Shopify agencies in the EU that can build the most complex Shopify Plus webshops, connectors and apps.

What is more, Code was the very first official Shopify Plus Partner in the EU. This means Shopify has invited us to join a select, international group of experienced partners. Because of this we have advanced access to new features, and our easy communication with Shopify headquarters allows us to collaborate directly with Shopify engineers, to tailor any new functionality to your needs.

You don’t become a Shopify Plus Partner for nothing, of course. We’ve shown that we know Shopify and Shopify Plus through and through. By helping a number of e-commerce brands build and scale successful Shopify Plus stores - and by actively collaborating with Shopify to make the platform even more user-friendly. Hence, Code is extremely proud of this quality stamp! And for our clients it’s an extra sign they’ve come to the right place. Feels good, doesn’t it?

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