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Integrate your Shopify store to bring your e-commerce to the next level

Shopify (Plus) is a solid base for sustainable e-commerce growth. To take your e-commerce business to the next level and employ Shopify as a true enterprise system, it is crucial to seamlessly integrate your Shopify store with external partners in the ecosystem.

Shopify Apps & Integrations to help you grow

As a Shopify Plus partner it is our mission to help you run your online store smoothly and make life easier for you and your customers. Code is your one-stop shop for Shopify integrations, apps and connectors. What truly sets us apart is our ability to build both storefronts and manage the complete Shopify integration within all your external systems. Developing reliable integrations is what we excel in!

Our custom-build connector apps for fulfillment, PIM and returns & exchanges fully integrate your Shopify store with external partners and help you to run operations smoothly and improve your customer experience.

Shopify Integrations

1. Returner

With Returner, you create a branded self-service returns portal where your customers quickly and smoothly create their returns and are encouraged to exchange instead of return. This way, you retain up to 40% of your revenue and generate new revenue by upselling (exchange for a more expensive product).

What sets our app apart from other returns solutions is that it is a native Shopify app, which means you can handle returns directly in the Shopify admin. This saves brands such as MR MARVIS, MUD Jeans and Josephine & Co up to 90% of time spent on returns. Finally, the app provides insight into your returns data, allowing you to anticipate common return reasons and, in the end, increase your customer lifetime value. And let’s be honest, that’s what we want, isn't it?

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2. Fulfillment Service Connector

Integrating your Shopify store with your logistics partner (3PL) is no small feat. Combining years of experience, we developed the Fulfillment Service Connector (FSC): a ready to go, worry free and full integration with major third party logistics (3PL) warehouse partners such as DSV, Bleckmann, Active Ants, Promese, Centraal Boekhuis and Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) like Picqer and It’s Perfect.

So, is your stock managed by an external system? We can connect this to Shopify so that your online store is always up-to-date with newly delivered stock and stock changes triggered by sales outside your online store.

Our Fulfillment Service Connector (FSC) ensures a smooth operation with your logistical partners and has many advantages:

  • Fulfillment requests are processed and delivered to the 3PL in their own format
  • Fulfillments with Track & Trace codes are created when shipment confirmations are received from the 3PL
  • The inventory levels of the shops (multi store set-up available) are synced to Shopify when received from the 3PL
  • A scheduled-fulfiller allows you to schedule fulfillment requests: the orders will be fulfilled on a certain release date
  • Our high risk order filter will ask for approval before sending high risk orders to the 3PL, safety first!
  • To ensure fast and easy operations, you will get a slack notification every time an order needs your attention
  • Last but not least, our inventory cross-syncer prevents overselling in sibling stores by adjusting the inventory in these stores in a matter of seconds after an order is placed

Our FSC will help you find peace of mind during peak hours and flash sales. By creating a smart connection with your stock, we minimise chances of selling items that aren’t in stock. Sounds good? We can integrate you with our Fulfillment Service Connector at lightning speed, allowing you to seamlessly integrate your fulfillment with Shopify (Plus).

3. PIM Connector

We partner closely with leading Product Information Management (PIM) systems like Akeneo PIM, Katana PIM and PIM Core. By optimizing your integrations we ensure reliable performance and add value to the architecture and customer experience of your Shopify store.

Whether it's product information, prices or category assignments: all kinds of product data can be synced to Shopify through our connector. For example, it allows you to centrally manage your translations and push your product data to multiple storefronts. Our connector ensures all meta product data is synced to Shopify, so your clients can enjoy a rich product page.

Start integrating your Shopify store

So, is your e-commerce business on the brink of growing to enterprise level? Want to connect your Shopify webshop to third party logistics (3PL) partners? Are you in need of a fulfillment service connector? Or are you simply unhappy with your current set-up? You name it. 

The quality of our custom build apps and integrations is what sets Code apart from other agencies. Our extended experience is what allows us to develop your Shopify set-up into a fully-fledged enterprise system. 

Drop us a line and we are happy to help you elevate your Shopify online store to new heights with our integrations!

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