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We are code


Code is good at code.
And Shopify.

In our world, everything is always moving. And so has Code, for over 15 years. Occasionally we re-invent ourselves and 6 years ago we embraced Shopify - the world’s fastest-growing, SaaS-powered e-commerce platform. But other things, we like to keep the same. Our close team of social coders for example. 

Are you looking for an experienced partner to realize and scale your Shopify (Plus) store? You’ve come to the right place!

Our ambition

Conquering Europe with Shopify (Plus)

Your E-Commerce partner

Code was the first official Shopify Plus agency in the EU and has been building on Shopify longer than practically any other agency. Our Coders are well equipped to build and scale high-performing Shopify webshops. Plus, we excel in integrating Shopify into your entire ecosystem (PIM, ERP, 3PL). We'll ensure you make the most out of your e-commerce platform - and we have the portfolio to prove it. 

After the launch of your store, we're here to continue to optimize your webshop, add new features, set up your email marketing with Klaviyo, and help you scale your brand across borders. Let's go!

How we work

We intentionally team up with brands across diverse industries. By embracing such diversity in projects, we get exciting challenges thrown at us, broaden our range of experience, attract bigger clients, and it keeps things interesting for our Coders. Code operates 100% Agile, and has been doing so for 12+ years already. It’s second nature to us.

Our coders have incredibly high standards and will not deliver anything that isn’t up to scratch. The same standards apply to our communication with clients and agile processes. Learn more about our project approach here.

You can’t write Code without characters

Code is a team of 55 social nerds. We combine the best of two worlds: we speak code and Shopify fluently, and strongly believe that social skills are essential when building and growing e-commerce brands. We take pride in being approachable & professional - and in having fun while we’re at it. Because of that, we offer a great work environment - and we can hire the best developers.

Want to partner up with us and create something special together? You’re very welcome! We would love to engage in a long-term partnership focused on people, quality & growth. Feel free to contact us and tell us more about your project!

Are you a social nerd looking for a place to thrive? Check out our vacancies.

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Delft / Amsterdam

Senior Full Stack JS App Developer

Drive development for our Returner app

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Solution Engineer

The webshop is the house, and you make the construction drawing

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Delft / Amsterdam