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About Code

Code is good at code.
and Shopify.

In our world, everything is always moving. And so has Code, for over 15 years. Occasionally we re-invent ourselves and a couple of years ago we embraced Shopify — the world’s fastest-growing, SaaS-powered e-commerce platform. But other things, we like to keep the same. Our close team of social coders for example. 

Are you looking for an experienced partner to realize and scale your Shopify (Plus) store? You’ve come to the right place!

Our ambition

Conquering Europe with Shopify (Plus)

Your E-Commerce partner

Code is one of the few e-commerce agencies in the EU who can build the most complex Shopify webshops, connectors and apps. We’ll make sure you get the most out of your e-commerce platform —and we have the portfolio to prove it. Whether you need a smoothly running multi-language Shopify Plus store, a future-proof integration, or a custom product configurator: as the first official Shopify Plus Partner in the EU, Code has probably done it before.

After the launch of your store, you can continue to make use of our expertise as long as you want. We continuously optimize your webshop, add new features, set up your email marketing with Klaviyo, and help you scale your brand across the border.

You can’t write Code without characters

Code is a team of 50 social nerds. We combine the best of two worlds: we speak code and Shopify fluently, and strongly believe that social skills are essential when building and growing e-commerce brands. We take pride in being approachable & professional —and in having fun while we’re at it.

Want to partner up with us and create something special together? You’re very welcome! We would love to engage in a long-term partnership focused on people, quality & growth. Feel free to contact us and let us know what you have in mind!

Are you a social nerd looking for a place to thrive? Check out our vacancies.

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Front end Developer

Deliver best-in-class Shopify stores

Delft / Amsterdam

Email & CRM Marketer

Help e-commerce brands grow through automated email marketing

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Delft/ Amsterdam