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These are the Shopify apps and partners you need

Are you looking to get the most of your Shopify store? Do you want to learn what Shopify apps and ecosystem partners would really improve your e-commerce business? Look no further! As an experienced Shopify Plus Partner Code knows where to find what you need. Check out our list of partners that we would recommend anytime.

Klaviyo 2023-1


If you're truly serious about scaling your Shopify (Plus) webshop, email marketing is a no-brainer. Our weapon of choice? Klaviyo: a data-driven email marketing tool with a 100% focus on e-commerce.

As one of just 4 Klaviyo Elite Partners in EMEA, Code helps brands like Veloretti and O'Neill to take their Email Marketing to the next level through personalized and automated campaigns in Klaviyo. Curious why we prefer Klaviyo over Mailchimp? Read this blog.

Klaviyo is available in the Shopify App Store Would you rather outsource it to a Elite Klaviyo Partner? Book a demo here.


European webshops have to cope with a lot of different payment standards. That's why you need a Payment Service Provider like Mollie. They're known for their low iDeal fees and outstanding service - simply the best. Are you looking for a demo or more information?

Feel free to contact us, we're experienced with Mollie and happy to help you out! Check for more info and pricing.



Customers drop their questions through many different channels. Email, live chat, SMS, phone calls, FB, IG, WhatsApp... It's hard to keep track! What's more, they often have the same questions. Wouldn't it be great if you could automate recurring answers?

Gorgias is the #1 e-commerce helpdesk for Shopify merchants and solves two puzzles in one go: your whole client history in one place, including order history, and automatic answers to frequently asked questions. This app will save you tons of time!
We also see our clients realizing a 20-30% conversion rate on answering tickets via Gorgias. Let's turn your customer service into a profit center!

Stoov is one of the customers using Gorgias. In this article they tell you how they unveil customer insights for enhanced UX  and 10% cost saving. Read along!

You can find Gorgias in the Shopify App Store and at


We all know that our best customers are repeat customers, and with LoyaltyLion you give them a good reason to come back! With this app you can quickly set up a data-driven rewards program to increase customer loyalty, entirely in sync with your own branding and layout. Fascino Coffee is a great example of a client who leverages LoyaltyLion to let customers build up loyalty points when purchasing coffee. Thanks to the seamless integration between LoyaltyLion and Klaviyo, we can predict when a customer will likely make a repeat purchase and send a personalized email at the right time to increase retention.

You can find Loyalty Lion in the Shopify App Store or at

LoyaltyLion gold partner (green)


When was the last time you backed up your store? But Shopify automatically back-up, right? Well, yes and no. Shopify does indeed make back-ups, but they're not accessible to you. When you delete something in your store, it's gone forever. Rewind acts as a magical "undo button". It automatically backs up your store, so if anything goes wrong, you can rapidly restore your data with just a few clicks. You can do manual back-ups by exporting CSV files, but this is a complicated, time-consuming process. So, we highly recommend you install this one!

Try Rewind 7 days for free through this link.


The shipping king of Europe. Sendcloud saves you lots of time with their clever tools for delivering your packages. Choose from many shipping services and automate the whole process, from printing shipping labels to picking & packing and sending your customers tracking emails... and a lot more. A must!

Available in the Shopify App Store, and via

Sendcloud (pink)


Rebuy is a personalization platform that empowers e-commerce brands on Shopify to increase their AOV, accelerate sales, and grow retention. We have experienced first-hand that the upsell & cross-sell features of Rebuy can be very powerful. Use Rebuy's AI to recommend relevant products and offers at the right time and place. You're set up in a few minutes, so go ahead and get your free trial to experience this app. Want to learn more about Rebuy? Read our blog and try out our calculator to see how you can improve your AOV.

You can find the Rebuy app in the Shopify App Store.


Patchworks is Europe’s largest integration company, connecting the best software for fast-growing retail brands. All your data sharing becomes automated by connecting your essential business systems through the Patchworks iPaaS. Your selling channels will always know how much stock you’ve got left without you having to input the figures. No more overselling, and no more unhappy customers. Just a flawless shopping experience, great online reviews, and a platform that’s built to grow with you. Want to know what Patchworks can do for your webshop?

Go to or contact us.

Judge me


Reviews are golden. But how to make it easy for your clients? JudgeMe offers a string of clever solutions. Let customers review directly from your email reminder, have them add photos and video to appeal to potential customers, and share the best reviews on social media.

Available in the Shopify App Store or at


PushOwl lets you get your customers’ attention through - surprise - push notifications… via their browser. Web push notifications are crisp, clickable messages that appear directly on the screen of your potential buyers’ device, for instance, when they just abandoned their cart. It works like a charm!

Get the PushOwl app in the Shopify App Store or go to



Want to jump on the subscription trend? Firmhouse is the platform of choice for companies pioneering and scaling new commerce & consumption models. The most common form of product subscriptions is repeat orders. Help your customers to subscribe to their favorite products from your assortment and automatically ship on the desired interval. We successfully implemented Firmhouse for clients like MUD Jeans and Fascino Coffee.

Firmhouse handles the billing cycle, and with every successful monthly payment from a customer, the process of shipping your product(s) is started. Easy does it!

Learn more at


Finding it difficult to calculate your profits and track your expenses accurately? You’re not alone, and we’ve found exactly what you’re looking for! With BeProfit you can create, schedule and export custom reports and a lot more. With this app, you’ll get accurate data that is easy to analyze and use to see where you can optimize and improve. A great app that will help you make better decisions faster!

Download BeProfit in de Shopify App Store of ga naar



Octane AI was elected the Best Storefront App by Shopify in 2021. Do we need to say more? Octane is a fantastic app to collect (zero-party) data and opt-ins in a playful way.

With this app, you can quickly set up a product quiz or a conversational pop-up which you can use to recommend personalized products to your customers and increase conversion. One of our favorite things is to combine Octane with Klaviyo.

For example, you can load the data from a quiz into Klaviyo to group customers according to their answers and send the various segments personalized emails catering to their specific needs. Very powerful! You can find Octane in the Shopify App Store.


Do you manage your own warehouse? And would you like to process more orders in less time? Then Picqer is the only tool you need. Picqer is easy-to-use software designed to help webshops manage their warehouse efficiently and effectively.

We recommend Picquer if you are processing more than 50 orders per day in your own warehouse - this is more or less the tipping point where too much human error will occur.

Learn more at



Within larger e-commerce brands, the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system often forms the heart of the business. It's the central place where all essential information and processes come together. A good ERP system ensures that processes are automated, increasing productivity and reducing costs. Are you a Fashion brand and looking for an ERP? ItsPerfect is one of the most advanced ERP systems for Fashion brands. One system for all processes, including design, production, sales, logistics and finance. ItsPerfect distinguishes itself through its specialist knowledge of fashion and its extensive B2B solution. With this cloud-based plug-and-play solution, legacy systems are history.



Have you ever experienced that out-of-stock items appear at the top of your collection page? Or do you have a hard time selling products with a lot of inventory but little sales? Kimonix can be a great solution! Kimonix helps you automate, sort & A/B test smart collections to boost profit. The app synchronizes sales data, inventory analytics, and customer insights to create smart collections that increase sales, optimize inventory, and maximize margins - all on auto-pilot.

Kimonix becomes even more powerful when combining the app with Rebuy or Limespot and Klaviyo. For example, create a welcome email that automatically shows best-sellers or products that best match your customer's buying behavior.

Give it a try and start a free trial in the Shopify App Store - try their 14 day free-trial.

Alaiko (beige)


Alaiko is a European fulfillment-as-a-service platform that enables online shops, like our client OGNX, to scale their operations without friction. Rapidly growing e-commerce brands and their customers benefit from state-of-the-art warehousing, operational excellence, and automated process control through Alaiko’s Logistics Operating System®.

Learn more at

Active Ants

Most webshop owners have other things on their minds than packing and sending packages. That's why they hire a fulfillment party that completely takes care of the shipping and return process. Active Ants is one of the larger fulfillment players in the Netherlands and provides fulfillment for clients such as MUD Jeans, Kambukka and MR MARVIS.

Read more at or contact us to hear more about our experiences with Active Ants.

Active Ants


Shipwire, an Ingram Micro company, has a global network of warehouses, also in mature European markets. They provide 3PL services and help you to optimize your order fulfillment so you can focus on growing your business. Shipwire’s global infrastructure enables fast order fulfillment and inventory control, and it supports B2B, B2C e-commerce, dropshipping and marketplace fulfillment through one simple platform, enabling real-time supply chain visibility. Shipwire is the fulfillment partner of enterprise brands like Ajax, Ace & Tate, ASOS and De Bijenkorf.


Do you want to advertise on Marketplaces such as and Amazon? Channable provides a direct connection between your webshop and various marketplaces. With Channable you can easily create product feeds for marketplaces and other channels such as Google Shopping, Marktplaats, comparison sites, affiliate platforms, and social media. You can choose from more than 2500 different channels!

Read more about all functionalities in the Shopify App Store.

Channable (green)
Channelengine (beige)


Just like Channable, ChannelEngine is a powerful solution to connect your E-Commerce with the most important marketplaces, product feeds and click and advertising channels.

You can find all information about Channel Engine at


How many times do your visitors leave your shop without buying anything? With LimeSpot you’ll increase loyalty and drive more revenue by creating personalized shopping experiences. Customized product recommendations, cross-selling and upselling on e-mail and on-site made easy. Think about recommendations like Top Sellers, Recently Viewed or Recommended for you.

You can find the LimeSpot app in the Shopify App Store.


Katana PIM

With Katana PIM, it's easy to collect, check, update, and communicate product information in one central system. This robust and scalable PIM allows you to manage all your products easily, quickly and conveniently. Katana PIM ensures that you and your customers get a complete picture of all your products. In this way, you can see at a glance where the opportunities lie within your e-commerce organization. With Katana PIM, you work with valuable features such as a widely adjustable Access Control, Custom Feedmapper, Automated Workflow, Bulk Uploads and much more.

Want to learn more? Contact us or go to


What do successful brands with a loyal customer base have in common? They deliver a great customer experience before and after checkout. Enable Budbee as a shipping method in your Shopify checkout to deliver parcels in the most convenient way for your customers: to their doorstep or a Budbee Box - always striving for the most sustainable option. Code is a proud Budbee partner responsible for building the Budbee Shopify App.

Do you want to optimize your return journey as well? Budbee is integrated with the Code Returns & Exchange app, enabling Shopify merchants to offer smooth and label-free returns.