Klaviyo: The most powerful Automated Email Marketing tool for Shopify stores


At Code we not only help our clients to a well-functioning Shopify webshop, but also to an impressive conversion rate.


Our weapon of choice? Klaviyo: a data-driven email marketing tool with a 100% focus on e-commerce. And, if you ask us, the most effective tool to grow your business.

We’ve been using Klaviyo for many brands, and we’re in awe of the user-friendliness, the many, many useful features and the overall niftiness of Klaviyo’s software. And of course, the revenue it brings to our clients like Veloretti, Olaf Hussein, O'Neill en Naïf.


On average, e-commerce brands attribute around 20-25% of their revenue to email marketing. At Code, we have a number of clients performing way better than that, with up to 50% of their revenue coming from email marketing.

Why Klaviyo is the best tool for ambitious e-commerce brands

  • Klaviyo has a 100% e-commerce focus
  • Direct integration with Shopify and Shopify apps such as LoyaltyLion, Gorgias, and Rebuy Engine.
  • Very user-friendly
  • Direct insight into your ROI
  • Send hyper-personalized emails automatically
  • Product recommendations
  • Dynamic discount codes
  • Smart sending powered by Machine Learning and AI
  • You’re not paying for email addresses you don’t send emails to
  • Flexible contract: account can be upgraded or downgraded monthly
  • Support line 24/7 available (and reacts fast)
  • Future-proof: Klaviyo is constantly developing new features
Code is Klaviyo Elite

Partner up with Code to maximize revenue from Automated Email Marketing

Klaviyo is like Shopify in the sense that it is so user-friendly that anyone can start working with it – but if you take your growth seriously and really want to make a splash with your automated email marketing, you can’t ignore Code's Klaviyo team.

Since 2019 Midge Hazewinkel and his team have refined and improved email automation flows on a daily basis until they discover the best-converting combination for our clients. Hence, they know all the viable strategies and benchmarks, know what works for which clients and which line of business, and have the technical knowledge to leverage Klaviyo's smart features to the fullest for your brand.

A selection of our Klaviyo clients

Code is one of the first Klaviyo Elite Partners in EMEA

Looking for another reason to partner up with Code for your email marketing? Here it is:

Code is the first and only Klaviyo Elite Partner in the Benelux and the fourth in EMEA. This status means the Coders in our Klaviyo team are true experts in setting up, developing, and integrating Klaviyo campaigns. As a Elite Partner we help a lot of clients, and make sure their accounts stay healthy. 

Our emails are rarely seen as spam – which indicates that our emails are opened and read relatively often. As a Elite Partner we can also offer our clients some nice extras, such as attractive pricing, a quarterly growth report, higher-quality analytics, early access to new features, and our own Channel Success Manager at Klaviyo who makes sure we can help our clients even better.

Read this blog to learn more about our way of working with Klaviyo.


Discover the best Klaviyo flows & Midge's hacks

At Code, we have a number of clients attributing up to 50% of their revenue to Email Marketing. How do they achieve this? That’s exactly what we share with you in this e-book: 

  • 5 must-have Email Flows every e-commerce brand should have;

  • 8 original Email Flows that you can adapt to your own business;

  • Real-life Email Marketing examples from brands such as O'Neill, Olaf Hussein, Naïf and TI SENTO - Milano;

  • Clever Email Marketing hacks from our team.

Download Email Marketing Inspiration Book

What to expect from Code as your Klaviyo partner:

  • Klaviyo onboarding and training
  • Setup best practice flows
  • Audit and clean your email list
  • Craft engaging and conversion-driven email campaigns that increase revenue
  • Ongoing support and monthly strategy sessions
  • Constant optimization & split testing of email flows
  • Growing and segmenting your email list

Interested? Book a free session with Code!

Are growth, loyalty and retention important for your business? Then there's no doubt about it: automated email marketing with Klaviyo is a must-have. Are you serious about taking your Shopify store to the next level? You are welcome to book a free session with us.

We will discuss what Klaviyo and Code can do for your growth. We will tell you all about costs, expected results and what you can expect from a collaboration with our Klaviyo team.

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