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Tiny little tube, big deodorant revolution

Reinventing a common household product: now that's an achievement! Nuud did it with deodorant. Replace the traditional ingredient aluminum with microsilver, and you have a deodorant that works longer and better, which you need much less of, and which is - hence - much nicer to the environment!




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from WooCommerce to Shopify

At the launch in 2017 Nuud's webshop was still running on Wordpress and WooCommerce. Within a few months the start-up outgrew this tight jacket and started to look for something to fir their ambitions a bit better.

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Something like what bikewebshop Veloretti had, for instance. Veloretti had Shopify, and Code. This seemed to Nuud to be a winning combination.

Summer 2018 we migrated their deodorant webshop to Shopify, including a custom theme, a lovely ingredient-caroussel and a series of apps that we recommend to any Shopify webshop. After that we buckled up for the task of building a connector with Nuud's fulfilment partner Nic.Oud: quite the challenge, but after four months the webshop was ready to go live!

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