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by-bar realizes 30% revenue from Klaviyo email marketing

Dutch apparel- and accessory brand by-bar has been using email marketing for a while, but since they started working with Klaviyo - and Code - they see a considerable improvement. by-bar is now heading towards 30%  revenue from email marketing - and counting!








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New platform, new email strategy

by-bar made the switch to Klaviyo when they changed e-commerce platforms in summer 2021: from Magento to Shopify Plus. Aware that Shopify integrates seamlessly with Klaviyo, by-bar’s Marketing  Communications Coordinator Esmée Kroon and E-commerce & Marketing Manager Monique Laheij decided to have a chat with our Head of Klaviyo Midge to discuss the possibilities for their email marketing. “That conversation felt good, and the percentages he mentioned as feasible sounded very attractive. Back then we still had a few strides to make in that area.”

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More personalisation, more automation

Together with Midge and Iffat from Code, Esmée and Monique made a plan: where could they realize the biggest revenue gains, and how? Then a strong foundation was laid with a much expanded welcome series, Abandoned-Cart and Abandoned-Checkout flows, and a Birthday mail.

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Esmée: “Most of these flows we already used, but thanks to the new strategy and the optimisations made possible by Klaviyo we started to get considerably more revenue from those emails. The welcome series has grown a lot as well, with several emails now. We introduce people to the brand, what we stand for, what sustainability means to us: we really aim for a long-term relationship with the customer.” She’s proud of the branding too, with the emails closely following the new design for the store.

Klaviyo Welcome series by-bar | Code

Code x by-bar

By now by-bar uses some ten Klaviyo email flows, with the goal of improving and personalising the customer’s experience as much as possible. E-commerce Coordinator Nikkie Lambregts: “Data-optimisation is very important to do this well. Our content must be relevant to the receiver, otherwise it quickly feels like spam.” Klaviyo’s extensive segmentation options make the further personalisation of emails a dream. Nikkie is impressed: “Klaviyo’s technology is next level, and it shows in the results. They keep developing and improving their service, and thanks to the direct integration with Shopify the possibilities are pretty much endless.”

For Code, by-bar is a very interesting client. Midge: “They don’t hesitate to seek out the limits of Klaviyo, I love it! Sometimes we stumble on an issue that even I have never seen before. Fortunately, as an Elite Klaviyo Partner Code can always fly in an expert from Klaviyo to have a look at very complex function requests.”  

What is by-bar currently working on with Code and Klaviyo? In addition to an email about by-bar’s choice to not participate in BFCM, the focus is on personalisation and the further improvement of the customer experience - for instance through the active follow-up of a negative review. “Customer Retention is important for us, so we will keep optimizing the current email flows.”

by-bar Klaviyo mailing | Code EN
Code is Klaviyo Elite Master | Code

Code is the only Benelux Elite Klaviyo Partner

Code is the first and only Elite Klaviyo Partner (the highest tier) in the Benelux, and one of the 4 Elite partners in EMEA. This status means that our Klaviyo team is extremely experienced in setting up and optimizing high-performing email marketing flows in Klaviyo. As an Elite Partner we take care of the email marketing for more than 50 brands: we make sure their Klaviyo accounts stay healthy and keep performing above average. Our emails are relatively little seen as spam - which indicates that our emails are often opened and read. Our Master Elite status also gives us early access to Klaviyo’s product releases and online training programs, and a direct line with Klaviyo leadership. All to offer our clients the best possible Klaviyo service level!

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