Reasons to choose Shopify Plus vs Shopify Advanced by Isa Leeflang

In the competitive world of e-commerce, your choice of platform can be the cornerstone of your success story. The decision between Shopify Plus and Shopify Advanced is no small matter, as each offers a unique set of advantages to meet a range of business needs. In this blog, we'll dive into the key differences between Shopify Plus and Shopify Advanced, guiding you in making the choice that perfectly aligns with your growth strategy.


Shopify Plus packs a punch with its innovative capabilities, ideal for e-commerce brands with ambitious growth goals. On the other hand, Shopify Advanced is a solid choice for businesses seeking advanced features without the extensive scale of Shopify Plus. As we explore this narrative further, you'll discover why Shopify Plus might just be the game-changer your brand needs. 

Reason 1: Scalability and Performance

Shopify Plus excels in scalability, it’s infrastructure is designed to effortlessly handle traffic spikes and surges in transactions, ensuring consistent performance during peak times. Due to its infinite scalability, Shopify Plus allows you to process more than 10.000 transactions per minute. It remains agile as your business expands, without the worry of technical limitations holding you back.

While there's a noticeable price gap between these plans, Shopify Plus steps up with an impressive offering including 10 storefronts. This opportunity to have more storefronts is a game-changer for businesses with global ambitions or a B2B focus. Tailoring each storefront to specific target audiences gives businesses a competitive edge.

“We wanted the newest and the best D2C platform for Stoov, with which we could expand internationally: that’s Shopify Plus.” - Guus Head of Growth at Stoov

Speaking of international sales, it's worth noting that Shopify Advanced may encounter difficulties. Connecting local payment gateways and courier systems for global sales can be a challenge. In most cases, Shopify Plus is the go-to solution for a seamless expansion into the global market. 

Are you growing fast, but are there still a lot of manual tasks slowing you down? With Shopify Plus you get access to Shopify Flow and Launchpad. These tools help you automize and plan tasks in your online store, so you can get more done in less time. And you have access to all Shopify Plus apps, developed specifically for fast-growing webshops. 

And then there are some more advantages with Shopify Plus. With Shopify Scripts you can set ‘smart rules’ to apply customer-specific discounts, shipping options and payment methods. This serves to personalize your checkout and generate more sales. 

Reason 2: B2B with Shopify Plus

Shopify wasn't particularly known for its B2B functionalities, as they used to be quite minimal and not sufficient for most brands. But, that has changed! 

Shopify Plus now offers an all-in-one B2B solution, which includes some sophisticated B2B-specific features at no extra cost. You can seamlessly run both B2B and B2C operations all under one roof. Merchants have the flexibility to opt for a single online store that caters to both direct and wholesale business, or they can go the route of a dedicated B2B store.

In addition to selling B2B and D2C from one store, what other B2B features does Shopify offer?

  • Company profiles
  • Price lists
  • Payment terms
  • Minimum Order Quantities
  • Repeat orders
  • Custom store theme
  • Customer accounts
  • Self-serve portal
  • Smooth ERP integration

Reason 3: Shopify POS Pro

POS Lite is free for all Shopify users and gives you the basics for selling in person. POS Pro is free for Shopify Plus users and has bit more features. For non-Plus-users, Shopify POS Pro comes at a fee of $89 a month. POS Pro is what you need when your brand has up to 50 (international) physical stores, with hired staff. POS Pro allows you to set up an unlimited number of staff accounts, each with different permissions. It also enables in-store pickup of online orders, product exchanges as well as returns, more customization options for your receipts than Lite offers, integration with apps like LoyaltyLion (you can even couple it to a physical loyalty card), and much more. Read more about Shopify POS in our blog.

Reason 4: Customization and Flexibility

Shopify Advanced offers smooth API integration with third-party tools. This flexibility allows merchants to connect payment gateways, courier services, and even build unique functionalities as needed.

However, it's worth noting that Shopify Advanced does have some API limitations. If your vision involves developing extensive custom solutions on top of Shopify, then the Plus version is the perfect fit. The fast Shopify Plus API allows for unlimited integration with other IT platforms such as Akeneo, Netsuite or Microsoft Dynamics 365. On the other hand, if your requirements align with a more streamlined suite of connected apps, Advanced Shopify holds its own.

One exciting feature for Shopify Plus merchants is the drag & drop checkout editor. This feature was announced at the Winter 2023 Editions and has been eagerly awaited by merchants for years. It provides a simple, code-free method for you to make checkout customizations without a single line of code. Check out our blog about the all-new checkout to learn how it works. 

Reason 5: Support

For established brands, dedicated support is an absolute must. Shopify Plus steps up to the plate with a white-glove service featuring your very own dedicated account manager. This secures you of tailored assistance, proving to be a game-changer when it comes to tackling challenges or optimizing your operations.

Now, let's talk about admin and account management. Basic plans often impose limitations on the number of accounts available for managing your store. But with Shopify Plus, those restrictions vanish. You can create separate accounts for every individual responsible for your online store and managing the Shopify admin panel. It's more than just extra features; Shopify Plus offers another significant advantage. As a Shopify Plus merchant, you gain access to a dedicated team of Shopify Plus experts. Feel free to call upon them for assistance in growing your store, resolving issues, and more.

If you are more of a do-it-yourself person, you can access a library of Shopify Plus resources, and sign up to be a part of an official Facebook group, where merchants share their tips and tricks. Moreover, you can be a part of Merchant Success Programs, and get expert support to grow your brand online.

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Cost Considerations

Shopify offers a range of pricing tiers ensuring there's something for businesses of all shapes and sizes. But for those with more advanced needs, two options stand out: Shopify Plus and Shopify Advanced.

Naturally, a more substantial investment, brings a more comprehensive suite of features to the table, which often translates into substantial long-term ROI. Think about handling larger order volumes, unlocking increased customization, and securing dedicated support. These elements frequently result in revenue growth that significantly outweighs the additional costs. And Shopify Plus transaction costs (0,15%) are lower than those of other Shopify subscriptions. This means that, starting at a yearly revenue of roughly 5 million, Shopify Plus will be cheaper. Note: If you use Shopify Payments, transaction costs are waived.

On the other side, there's Shopify Advanced. While it might not be as all-encompassing as Shopify Plus, it is packed with advanced features that can help growing businesses bolster their online presence. Shopify has you covered one way or another. 

There is a tipping point at which you can claim all the advantages of Shopify Plus, at the same cost as Shopify Advanced. So where is this tipping point, you ask? That depends on a few factors, such as your revenue, how many storefronts you have, and if you use Mollie or Shopify Payments (because they charge transaction costs).

A sample calculation:

Shopify Advanced
Monthly fee of $299 x 12 months x 2 stores = $7.176
Commission on sales 0,5% of $5 million = $25.000
Total cost: $32.176 per year

Shopify Plus
Monthly fee of $2.000 x 12 months = $24.000
Commission on sales 0,15% of $5 million = $7.500
Total cost: $31.500 per year

Would you like to know what this calculation looks like for your business and which Shopify plan we advise? Get in touch.

Shopify Plus with Code

Choosing between Shopify Plus and Shopify Advanced requires aligning your aspirations with the right toolset. Consider your business's current trajectory, ambitions, and unique strengths each tier offers. Once you've evaluated these factors, you'll be better equipped to make an informed decision that steers your business toward lasting success.

At Code, we specialize in helping businesses grow in the e-commerce landscape. Our expertise in implementing Shopify Plus ensures that you harness its potential to the fullest. With our personalized support and seamless integration, we'll ensure your transition to Shopify Plus is smooth and succesfull.

Ready to bring your e-commerce journey to the next level? Discover how Shopify Plus can transform your business. Contact us today to explore how Code can guide you on your path to unparalleled success.

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