A new start for McGregor New York with Shopify and Code

2022 was an exciting year for the well-known menswear brand McGregor New York. In a few months time, they implemented a new ERP system, found a new warehouse, and migrated their online store from Magento 2 to Shopify. It went live a few weeks before Black Friday, with promising results.



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From vendor lock-in and constant troubleshooting…

McGregor’s reason for replatforming is a classic tale of the kind we hear a lot at Code. As E-commerce manager Godelieve van Loon says: “When I started at McGregor New York, our IT landscape was so heavily customised that it crashed regularly. The checkout often didn’t work, every time there was a sale or campaign something went wrong, conversion was plummeting, we needed our development agency for everything, people had to work weekends to keep the platform in the air, and a lot of the budget went to IT and damage control.” 

At some point, McGregor realised that implementing a new Magento update would cost as much as building a new store. Godelieve: “That’s when I said: our USP is our product, not our platform. It’s no use thinking out the most advanced tooling when orders aren’t coming through.” She checked with fellow fashion brand Josephine & Co to learn how happy they were with Shopify - and got glowing reports about both Shopify and Code. 

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… to plug & play with Shopify and Code

Thanks to the Code Base Theme - which contains years of experience and best practices and is the starting point for every store we built at Code - we could give McGregor a new start fast. Godelieve: “Our top priority was to have a functioning website that was faster and easier to use than the old one. To achieve that we put some custom functionality from the old set-up on hold, in order to get up to speed first with a Minimum Viable Product. The finer details were put on the roadmap to tackle later - also because we were busy implementing a new ERP system at the same time.” 

With the core of the new website in place, McGregor New York then turned to resurrecting their conversion rate. Implementing Rebuy and Klaviyo, two of Code’s favourite partner apps, they boosted their revenue from email marketing to 42% of total revenue, and improved their Average Order Value considerably. During Black Friday 2022, the newly launched site realised an AOV increase of 8,5 to 9% - thanks to Rebuy’s AI-powered cross- and upselling magic. Godelieve recalls: “Complementary products like undershirts suddenly sold much better! Our overall revenue went up a lot with the new store, without any crashes or overwork, and for the first time our Google scores are all green - they used to be red! A very different experience from our Magento times.”


Very happy with Code

Not surprisingly, Godelieve is very happy with Code. Asked about the collaboration, she exclaims: “I love it! They’re really transparent, think along with you, and their speed of working in particular is awesome. I was impressed by their documentation, too: I went on leave for four months and could basically hand my replacement Code’s customised documentation for the Code Base Theme as a bible. They also communicate smoothly with other partners, like our ERP ItsPerfect and Rebuy. Midge also brokered an advantageous contract with Klaviyo for us, very quickly and easily. So yes, I’m definitely a fan. Code works in a very professional, structured way while also keeping it nice and personal - I have complete trust in their expertise.”

On the road to bigger and better

So what is next on the roadmap for McGregor New York, with their new store doing well? Godelieve: “We’re currently considering implementing Shopify Markets, since we have a lot of customers in Belgium and the US. And of course we are constantly working on professionalising all our processes. We’re thinking about offering a size recommender on our website, and using Returner to improve our returns process. Increasing personalisation is also on the list of course: we are planning to implement a Customer Data Platform and we’re currently optimising some of our Klaviyo flows together with Code.” 

Another big project coming up for Godelieve is the migration of the other two brands in the owner’s portfolio: Steppin’ Out and The English Hatter. Unlike McGregor New York, these brands have brick-and-mortar stores as well. With the McGregor migration serving as the prototype, Code and Shopify will play a major part in the next chapter of these two brands. Curious to see the results? We’ll keep you posted! 

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