Shopware 5's EOL: the perfect time to consider migrating to Shopify by Linda Bleijenberg

The End of Life (EOL) of Shopware 5 is here - and it will force your e-commerce brand to replatform. Preferably before July 2024, when all updates and patches stop. You could stay true to Shopware and migrate to version 6, of course… 

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Or you take this opportunity to move to the fastest-growing SaaS platform out there: Shopify.

Looking for a fast, hassle-free migration to a platform that will bring you the latest in tech, a sophisticated Shopify App store, 99,98% uptime, and above all: peace of mind? Code can migrate your store from Shopware to Shopify Plus within weeks, with a minimum of fuss. We’ll have your webshop up and running better than before, without your brand losing any traction.


Outperform your old store with SaaS

Migrating from Shopware 5 to Shopify Plus means switching from self-hosted to SaaS (Software as a Service) - and that is a move you will not regret. With Shopify Plus, your team can stop worrying about technical issues and maintenance - and instead focus on activities that increase your revenue, build your brand and bring your customer experience to the next level.

  • Never worry about EOL’s, security or hosting again. Shopify’s SaaS solution will save you lots of hours (and money) spent on self-hosting your store.
  • Rely on the latest technology and A-class app ecosystem to develop at high speed and low cost.
  • Remove unnecessary complexity from your architecture. Capitalize on hundreds of native integrations to external systems and endless connection possibilities.
  • Leverage a host of features to improve your customer experience, automate recurring tasks, give your marketing results a boost, and see your revenue grow.
  • With its flexible and reliable cloud-hosting Shopify is infinitely scalable - it grows with you all the way to enterprise level. 

Join the ranks of brands like Gymshark, AllBirds, FitBit, Polaroid, Heineken, and O’Neill on Shopify Plus.

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Why migrate from Shopware 5 to Shopify

A platform migration is always a big project, and extra inconvenient when you have to go through it because of an EOL. Forced to rebuild your platform and retrain your team, you will have to put your goal to grow a future-proof business on hold for a while - and lose momentum as a result. What’s more, if you wait too long, three things might happen:

  • You will be taken over by competitors who did make the switch in time - and are now thriving on Shopify’s SaaS platform.

  • Your store will lack critical new features after summer 2023, when Shopware 5 updates cease: as a result you will not be able to stay up-to-date with trends in ecommerce and see your sales slowly decline. 

  • You will not be able to guarantee your customers’ safety after July 2024, when Shopware 5 support and security updates end: you might get hacked and seriously jeopardize your business.

It’s important to decide fast, but well-considered. Don’t be like those e-commerce brands who migrated to Magento 2 after Magento 1’s EOL was announced - and regretted it so much they quit within a year, wrote off the six-figure investment, and moved to Shopify within weeks. 

Save time and money on your replatforming project

Did you know migrating to Shopify Plus with Code is faster and cheaper than upgrading to Shopware 6? Take advantage of Code’s years of experience and avoid the usual pitfalls of a replatforming project. With offices in The Netherlands and Germany, Code has migrated 200+ brands across Europe. Our team knows what it takes to migrate your store on time and on budget. 

→ Read more about what to expect from a migration project with Code

It is not just your migration that will cost less: with Shopify, your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) will be considerably lower too. 

→ Read more about Total Cost of Ownership, and how to calculate it
→ … Or get in touch with Code for an estimate on your migration project and/or TCO comparison

The next step: Implement a sustainable growth strategy

Happy with your new store on Shopify Plus? If you want more where that came from, our team is here to help you increase retention and scale your brand in new markets: 

These brands are already accelerating with Shopify & Code: The Sports Edit, Namuk, by-bar, Rosefield, Stoov, URBANARA, TI SENTO - Milano.

Ready to make the switch?

Migrate your ecommerce business from Shopware 5 to Shopify Plus and start leveraging the many advantages of Shopify’s proven SaaS solution.

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