Why work at Code: lots of challenge and a relaxed atmosphere by Linda Bleijenberg

So what’s that like, working at Code? In a nutshell: challenging work that makes a difference for the client and a very pleasant company culture. Does that sound good to you, and are you good at what you do? You’re welcome to apply!

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Working at Code is fun. But why exactly? We can imagine future applicants would like to hear the answer from the people currently working with us. That’s why we had a chat with Coders Bianca, Sónia, Natasa en Patrick: what do you like most about working at Code?

Nice and challenging work

They all have a different answer to that, but the common thread is: challenge! Frontend developer Sónia explains: “For every webshop we do something new, for practically every client we develop a feature that will result in more growth and revenue for that client. And because the diversity in products is enormous – from fashion to CBD oil – the features are different with every project. Which makes you discover new possibilities in Shopify like, all the time. It feels like finding easter eggs sometimes!"

To illustrate this: in addition to a lot of custom storefronts, we built stuff like a responsive bike configurator (Veloretti), a fancy deodorant-ingredients-carrousel (Nuud) and a carpet-tile-calculator (Van Heugten tapijttegels) for our clients. 

To illustrate this: in addition to a lot of custom storefronts, we built stuff like a responsive bike configurator (Veloretti), a fancy deodorant-ingredients-carrousel (Nuud) and a carpet-tile-calculator (Van Heugten tapijttegels) for our clients. Going about projects like this our Coders, both senior and junior, get a lot of room to come up with creative solutions of their own. A Shopify storefront doesn’t take long to set up (Shopify is after all one of the most user friendly platforms in the market ), but That’s only the beginning. They come to Code because we go much further, off the beaten track: we think of ways to make it special, in a manner that fits the product and the client’s situation. Whether that is in design, apps or efficient project management, we go the extra mile.

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Make a difference for the client

Project manager Bianca gives an example: “It is really cool to brainstorm with a client about how to improve their webshop, when you start seeing the bigger picture and can motivate the client with your enthusiasm. Recently I worked on the complete rebuild of an existing site, where we wanted as little downtime as possible: with every solution we found one more challenge, but we also got more creative with every round!”

For App developer Patrick the challenge is to translate a client’s wishes to something that works within the Shopify parameters. “Clients often have a very clear image of what they want, but they hardly know anything about what is and isn’t possible in Shopify. Our job is to bring the two together: develop something that solves the client’s problem in a way that works well with Shopify. It’s an interesting puzzle.”

Personal development

What makes the job extra interesting for Patrick is that he gets to work with the latest technologies. “People want to develop themselves, improve their knowledge.” The others agree completely. Sónia: “As a developer you strive for more, you want to grow in your role, both in terms of technical skills and leadership.” This goes for project managers too, as Bianca says: “Getting really good at what you do motivates. Even as a PM you strive for seniority: getting better at staying within time and budget, solving technical challenges with the team, agile development, collaborating with clients and ensuring client value and long lasting project quality.”

At Code we want to reward this, so there is a lot possible in personal development. If you want something our management thinks along with you, in the same way we think along with clients. Recently we started to professionalize this with 360-degrees feedbackloops and personal growth plans, where your colleagues coach you as it were, and where you can discuss your next steps with your team leader. Code is growing nicely at the moment, so this kind of process will only become more important in the future!

Great atmosphere

What else is nice? By far the most important factor: the Code atmosphere! Visual Designer Natasa: “All day long you are surrounded by passionate people who are also relaxed and friendly. The human aspect is the key point: you work with warm, professional people around you with whom you can make good progress, and mistakes are easily corrected because everybody is so accessible.” Patrick adds: “Work hard play hard, that’s really how it works at Code!”

Bianca also thinks the people are a big plus: “The teams are great! We meet every morning and at the end of the day to discuss our progress, and it’s really nice to work towards goals together.” In between there’s lots of communication too, both between team members and teams, COVID or not. It’s a shame the delicious office lunches are cancelled for the time being, but the Thursday night drinks are still going strong, via screens – including entertainment such as Nigel cutting his hair, and the lottery for free dinners from Tsong-Fu. At Code we take good care of you ;)

Linda Bleijenberg
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Linda Bleijenberg

Code easily writes 100 lines of code every day, but a blog is a different story! So we leave that to Linda Bleijenberg, our copywriter. She lives around the corner in Delft and wants to be an IT wizard when she grows up. Until then, she interviews our experts and shares our most interesting insights about Shopify and E-Commerce on our blog.

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