Quality coffee, straight from the roastery

Fascino sells quality coffee straight from its roasting factory in Weert, Limburg. Through their Shopify webshop, coffee connoisseurs Lieke Hanssen and Bas Spierings provide their customers with freshly roasted and ground coffee, coffee beans, and complete coffee concepts.




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Three strikes...

Finally the right platform

At Code we often work with clients who move from Magento to Shopify: Veloretti for instance, and Rosefield. Usually, these clients see the end of life of Magento 1 as a good time to re-platform. But Fascino wanted to quit Magento 2. That was a first for us!

Co-founder Lieke Hanssen explains: “On Magento 1 we didn’t have trouble. When its end of life was announced we asked around for some advice and decided to stick with our developer agency and switch to Magento 2. From the get-go, we had all kinds of issues: many features that worked fine in Magento 1 weren’t (yet) available in Magento 2, during the relaunch the new webshop crashed within an hour (a real hell for us!), and with every security update, release or patch a lot of things had to be adapted. In the 18 months, we ran on Magento 2, the platform cost us way too much money.”

When the developer handed them a pricy estimate for the next Magento release, Lieke saw no other choice than to consider re-platforming. “I did not feel like doing that at all, but our revenue was crumbling and we kept getting messages from clients who told us the stuff wasn’t working. And those were the clients that still made the effort to let us know. Can you imagine how many visitors just clicked away!”

Fascino homepage | Code

Long story short:

Lieke and her business partner Bas stumbled upon Shopify, a chat with Bob from Code felt promising, “and would you believe it, a few months later the new website was up and running!” Lieke finds both Shopify and Code truly refreshing. “With Shopify, you don’t have towering maintenance costs and unexpected releases that make your business operations unpredictable. You know what every month will bring in terms of costs, so there’s enough money left for things like marketing.” She’s very happy with Code as well: “I was impressed by their portfolio, and pleasantly surprised when their pricing was so friendly compared to Magento developers! And their whole way of working is better: fast, super structured, tights timelines, and the Coders know what they’re talking about.”

Fascino coffee | Code

Fascino's customers love to come back

And the revenue? Since the new webshop went live in March 2020, Lieke saw a 25% increase in revenue. “This could be partly due to COVID, but still! About 14% comes straight from Klaviyo, the email marketing that we set up together with Code. Code is obviously very good at that.”

What is especially nice to see is that the number of returning visitors has increased significantly. The ratio between returning versus new visitors has been 85/15 in recent months. Returning customers are generally 5-25 times cheaper to reactivate than bringing in a new customer. A returning customer is often willing to purchase more frequently and at a higher order value. And of course, your existing clients can be the most valuable referral for new clients!

Learn more about the power of repeat customers. In this blog, we’ll focus on improving frequency and share a bunch of tips on how to turn customers into returning customers.

Fascino coffee-roasting factory | Code
Fascino coffee
Fascino package | Code

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