Cookie policy Code

As one of the leading Shopify agencies in Europe, it is our goal to offer you a good experience on our own website as well. Placing cookies helps us with this. Our website uses different kind of cookies. It is very important for us to let you in control regarding your online privacy. Therefore we would like to inform you about which cookies we use and the purpose of it.


1. What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that can be stored by a website on its users' computers. These cookies are designed to allow the website to recognise its users on subsequent visits, or to authorise other designated websites to recognise these users for a particular purpose.


2. What types of cookies are there?

Within the internet there is a difference between functional and non-functional cookies. Non-functional cookies are Performance cookies and Advertising/Targeting cookies. Functional cookies are mandatory to run a website well. Without these cookies you cannot use the website. A good example of a functional cookie is the cart of a webshop. Everything you put into your cart is stored in a functional cookie

Performance cookies collect anonymous data for statistical purposes. This is on how visitors uses the website, how long and which pages. They are used to improve the users experience of a website.

Advertising/Tracking cookies are cookies used to deliver you advertisements and to track more user specific data. It is commonly used to show you advertisements based on the information that is tracked through these tracking cookies. A good example is that when you search for a product on a webshop that you will see lots of advertisements after it. This is because of Tracking cookies.

For functional and performance cookies you do not need explicit consent. You will have to inform the user on it. For tracking cookies you will have to explicitly ask the client for consent. When this is not provided by the client you are not allowed to place them.


3. Functionality cookies

Functionality cookies are strictly necessary cookies. These are necessary in order to navigate properly around and to use the features of the website. Without these cookies you cannot use basic services like a shopping cart of login system. These cookies will not gather information about you for marketing or tracking purposes.

You cannot block these kind of cookies since these are mandatory for a website to operate.


4. Performance cookies

Performance cookies or Analytical cookies are used for measurements purposes. These are collecting data (anonymous) for statistical purposes. These are used to improve the users experience of the website. They doen't contain personal information.

We are currently using performance cookies of Google Analytics and Hotjar to get these insights. Performance cookies will always be placed when the website is visited.

We collect this data:

  • Counting the number of visits and the number of visitors on our web pages
  • Timing the length of the visit
  • Information regarding the web browser and device that is used to visit our website. Information like operating system and screensize is stored. This is used to improve the performance.
  • How a visitor ended up on our website, for instance through an advertisement or a link in an e-mail message.
  • Onze performance cookies don't collect personal data or IP addresses 

If you want to know more information of Google and Hotjar and how they process all the data. We ask you to consult the Privacy policies of Google and Hotjar. Note that these statements can change along the time.

We never provide completed personal data to Hotjar and Google.


5. Advertising and targeting cookies

Currently we use services of Hubspot, AddThis, DoubleClick (Google) and Facebook Custom Audiences on our website. We are using these services for targeted advertising and to gather metadata on our visitors so we get to know our target audiences better.

These cookies makes it possible for us to:

  • To see which advertisements you have seen already. This is to prevent that the same ad is shown too many times
  • Check how many visitors have clicked on the advertisements
  • To get to know our target audience better to improve our services

It is possible that you will see our advertisements, even when you declined our cookies. We want to remind you that not all advertisements work with cookies.

For more information how these companies process the data we would like to consult the Privacy policies of these companies:


These cookies will be placed on the computer when the visitor granted the website to do so.


6. How do I control my cookies?

You are able to block the tracking and advertisement cookies by clicking 'Decline' on your first visit to our website. This setting is stored for a year. After a year you will be asked for consent again. The consent box can be shown again by clearing all the cookies from your computer. Below you find the how-to's for the most commonly used browsers:

Remove cookies from Microsoft Internet Explorer
Remove cookies from Microsoft Edge
Remove cookies from Mozilla Firefox
Remove cookies from Google Chrome
Remove cookies from Apple Safari