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76% of first-time buyers that had an easy returns experience said they would shop with that retailer again. No wonder the return process touches every part of an e-commerce organization, and it adds value immediately.

With the Code Returns & Exchanges app, you create a branded self-service returns portal where your customers quickly and smoothly create their returns and are encouraged to exchange instead of return. This way, you retain up to 40% of your revenue and generate new revenue by upselling (exchange for a more expensive product).

What sets our app apart from other returns solutions is that it is a native Shopify app, which means you can handle returns directly in the Shopify admin. This saves brands such as MR MARVIS, MUD Jeans and Josephine & Co up to 90% of time spent on returns. Finally, the app provides insight into your returns data, allowing you to anticipate common return reasons and, in the end, increase your customer lifetime value. And let’s be honest, that’s what we want, isn't it?

Code Returns & Exchanges app

How the Code Returns app works

1. Register return
Create a branded online returns portal where your customers can easily register their returns. They log in with their order number or email and zip code and are then presented with four options: exchange for a different size, a different colour, a different(ly priced) product, or simply a return. Always stating the reason for return.

After registering their return, your customer will immediately receive a return label and confirmation email. Depending on your preferences and integrations, the label is paid or unpaid and print or paperless. The return is immediately visible in the R&E admin within Shopify. Do you opt for integration with Aftership? Then the app will update your customer and your team on the parcel's status. If the customer has registered the return but has not sent it, they will automatically receive a reminder.

2. Process returns
You process returns quickly and efficiently in the Shopify admin. Here, all return requests are neatly displayed, and an automatic check is performed for errors such as expired discount codes or a mismatch in return reason or quantity. If you integrate our R&E app with your fulfilment partner, you can choose to process returns on auto-pilot. Even if you manually process the returns, this is still easy and fast since you can process them in bulk. Just like MR MARVIS, you can save up to 80-90% of time spent on returns.

3. Handling returns
Depending on the type of return, your customer will now receive a refund confirmation, a payment request or an order confirmation:

  • (partial) return: there will be an automatic refund according to the original payment method;

  • Exchange for a more expensive product: automatically, the app creates a draft order in Shopify and sends a payment request by email. After receiving the payment, the final order will be created;

  • Exchange for a different size, colour or similarly priced product: a new order is automatically created, and the customer receives an order confirmation by email.

Why do Shopify merchants choose the Code Returns & Exchanges app?

  • More exchanges, less refunds: Retain up to 40% of your revenue by making (free) exchanges simple and interesting and give your revenue an extra boost by upselling. This way, returns become a reselling opportunity! In the dashboard you can easily monitor the ROI of the app in the form of retained revenue thanks to exchanges;

  • Save time with automated returns: The stress that usually comes with handling holiday and Black Friday returns won't get you down this year! A central Returns and Exchange processing system, which is available with a simple keystroke in the Shopify admin, can save you up to 90% in man-hours spent on returns;

  • Improve your customer experience: A smooth, fast return journey will result in satisfied customers who come back. Also, the app provides insight into which products are returned most often and why: an opportunity to optimize your collection.
  • Branded self-service portal: You can adapt the app's branding completely to your brand (colours, fonts and images);

  • Plug-and-play native Shopify app: Download the Code Returns & Exchanges app from the Shopify App Store and set up your own Returns & Exchanges portal within minutes;

  • Integrate with your e-commerce ecosystem: The app can integrate with your partners like: fulfilment partners (Active Ants, Monta, Modexpres), shipping partners (Transsmart, nShift) and ERPs (MS Business Central 365, Navision, Exact Online).

User friendly and efficient returns process for MR MARVIS

As MR MARVIS is continually innovates its customer experience, they viewed the returns process as a chance: COO Carl: “At some point, we started wondering: how much is this costing us anyways? ‘A lot!’ was the answer. That’s where Code’s Returns app came in handy. The app automates the whole process, which makes it more easy and fun for our customers, but at the same time more cost-efficient for us. That’s easy math.

”We’re well over a year into MR MARVIS using the Code Returns app and Carl reports: “It works like a charm! The Code Returns app is now deployed in eight countries and realizes a 70% to 90% drop in FTE spent on returns and an error margin close to zero. In addition, a significant number of customers now decide to exchange: turnover that MR MARVIS thus retains,” says Carl.

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Pricing Code Returns & Exchanges App

Start using the Code Returns & Exchanges app from $50 per month and pay per return ($0,50) and exchange ($1,00).

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