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7 ways to effectively implement gifting features by Lynn Zweeris

Holiday season or not, the value of gifting remains relevant throughout the year. Gifting is an important part of retail, estimated at €420 billion annually. Encourage existing customers to give your products as gifts to acquire new customers without any Customer Acquisition Cost. This will retain existing customers and help you gain new ones while increasing purchase margins.


1. Offer a great wishlist experience

Even if your product lineup doesn't scream "giftable," a wishlist remains a game-changer. It's more than just a convenient compilation for customers to share with friends and family. It also keeps all their beloved items in one place. As a bonus, visitors voluntarily leave their email address to be able to save a wishlist in your store.

Making a wishlist can be more enjoyable by adding an automatic email pop-up to send the wishlist to loved ones. With this "send a hint" feature from Of Mercer, someone fills out the pop-up and their family and friends will receive an automatic email. The email will inform them that the item is at the top of the sender's wishlist. It is a unique way to leverage marketing from someone the receiver trusts. 

2. Allow consumers to ship gifts to another address

In those moments when your customers can't take on the role of the personal gift courier, having the option for direct delivery to the chosen recipient on your webshop is a definite game-changer. 

In Shopify's checkout process, the customer first enters the gift recipient's information and address. Customers can select a different billing address when they reach the payment step. This way, the gift product will be sent to the intended recipient, but the buyer will still receive the invoice.

Code developed for Rosefield a unique feature added to the shopping basket. Customers can now include a gift envelope to their order and choose to send the package directly to the gift recipient.

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3. Inform your clients in detail about your gifting options

Once your customers have discovered the ideal gift for their friend or family member, the next step is heading to the checkout, where they hope to find a convenient option indicating that the purchase is intended as a gift.

However, counting solely on a checkbox in your checkout labeled 'this is a gift' won't quite cut it in the world of sophisticated gifting. Customers often have various questions about the available gifting features. For a clear and smooth gifting experience, once customers choose the gift designation, they'll be presented with a couple of options personalized to their gifting preferences.

Here are five personalized gifting options for you to consider:

  • Secret Sender: The sender's address (your company) is not on the package, preserving the element of surprise.

  • Priceless: Tell the buyer that prices will not show on the gift.

  • Wrap it festive: Showcase all the details and choices regarding gift wrapping, complete with prices and visual previews.

  • Personal touch: Enable the possibility of writing a personalized gift message and the option to include a postcard in the package for the personal note. 

  • Email notifications: Let the customer choose if they want email notifications sent to the recipient, which some users may not wish to do. This email can contain the sender's personal message. 

4. Write custom gift messages

During a checkout test, Baymard found that 53% of users who were sending a gift also chose to include a personal gift message. You can stand out by adding this option to your checkout process. The customer can wonder where the personal message will appear: is this outside the package? Or as a surprise when the recipient opens the package?

The key to avoiding miscommunication is to be clear about whether the personal message is on the outside or inside of the package. Another tip is to only show these options when a customer wants to write a custom message.

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5. Show gifting options on the product page

Consider a scenario where a customer is shopping on your website and looking for the perfect gift. After finding the ideal product, they might wonder if there is an option to send it as a gift. However, a recent study by the Baymard Institute revealed that 92% of e-commerce desktop sites across the globe don't display any gift options on the product page. 

Therefore, to make your customer's experience smooth, showcase your gifting options on the Product Detail Page (PDP).

6. Categorize your gifting page for special occasions

Suppose you are searching for a gift for Valentine's Day, then an inspiration page will help you. Add a "Gifts" category to your menu to make giftable products more visible. Increase retention and attract new customers by encouraging existing customers to return and buy your products as gifts.

Take BOSKA as a best practice; their inspiration page is like a well-organized gift haven. From Mother's Day to Valentine's Day, they've got categories for all occasions, including a collection of thoughtful small gifts.

But there's more! They've grouped items for specific personalities too. Whether you need a gift for a BBQ enthusiast, burgundy, or pizza fan, BOSKA has its customers covered. They even have categories based on your budget, ensuring a stress-free shopping experience. Their user-friendly gifting hub makes it easy for customers to find the right gift. 

Tip: when someone leaves a positive review of one of your products that is commonly given as a gift, email them to let them know that the item also makes a great gift.

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7. Make gifting easy with a gift card

In Shopify, you can create gift cards for your customers. This is a great way to implement referral marketing and allows satisfied clients to gift a card for your shop to someone else. For The Sports Edit, we build the option to send the gift card directly to the recipient. You can also add a personalized message and choose the date the gift card will be sent in their mailbox, such as on their birthday.

Within your Shopify store, you have the option to send either a virtual gift card or design your personalized physical gift card. A helpful tip is to include a discount code for the gift card buyer to encourage them to shop more. Remember to offer upsells like gift boxes or envelopes for specific gifting products.

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Need help implementing gifting features into your Shopify store?

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