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Replatforming to Shopify Plus for sustainable outerwear brand namuk

Meet namuk, the innovative Swiss outdoor clothing brand for kids, founded by Franz Bittmann with a passion for durability and style. Their mission? To produce durable technical clothing, allowing children to explore the outdoors. Meanwhile, the robust, stylish designs with the iconic owl logo have already flown out across several continents.







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Replatforming from Magento to Shopify Plus

To achieve greater growth, namuk made the strategic move to replatform from Magento CE 2.4 to Shopify Plus. The decision was driven by various challenges that Simon Bertschinger, Head of e-commerce at namuk experienced: "The maintenance of our Magento webshop cost us around 140 hours per month. And this was even without the implementation of new features. Our old webshop had many issues, including speed, the payment systems, and the options for personalization were way too complex."  

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Simon, coming from one of the best SEA agencies in Switzerland, was convinced of the stability and growth potential of Shopify Plus as the best SaaS e-commerce platform to optimize customer experience. He started looking for an experienced Shopify agency for the migration and met with Code. There was an immediate click between the parties. The collaboration went, in his words, "uncomplicated and fast." And with success: after the design phase by our partner Bolden, namuk's new webshop has been running smoothly since July 2022. 

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Control and flexibility

As another big advantage of Shopify Plus, Simon mentions the ability to make adjustments to the webshop by themselves: "We got 100% of control now over our content management without being dependent on external developers. And our blog nowadays is simply integrated instead of separated in Wordpress. Overall, this creates more possibilities and flexibility, allowing us to develop our brand much faster."

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Tech stack to conquer the world with

"With the replatforming, we effortlessly integrated two webshops from dropshippers in the US into our Shopify Plus webshop. All arranged within two weeks". namuk experienced how scaling internationally with Shopify is made easy.

When looking at a selection of namuks Shopify apps, the sustainable outdoor children’s clothing brand uses Rebuy for cross- and upselling, and scores its good reviews with REVIEWS.io. Gorgias is used for central and exceptionally fast customer service, and thanks to Klaviyo, email marketing now accounts for a more significant part of the sales. 

Tech Stack

Sustainability as part of your e-commerce strategy

namuk keeps up with well-known international outdoor brands when it comes to sustainability. Shopify Planet, for example, ensures that all deliveries are CO2 neutral. And if unexpected damage occurs to the clothing, namuk has it repaired by a local tailor. Even a third life is entrusted, given that three labels are integrated into the garments with space for the owner’s name and phone number. A feature that makes ski instructors very happy! 

Nowadays, resale is booming and can also easily be part of your e-commerce strategy. Through namuk ReUse, used garments are taken in and resold, accounting for about 5% of the current sales. Simon: "namuk ReUse was actually the pilot project before replatforming. This was set up as a MVP in 2021 to see if it had potential." This year namuk is working with Code on integrating ReUse into the main website. For 2024, namuk takes sustainability even one step further and plans another pilot project called namuk Rent. “This initiative will allow people to rent our durable wintersport clothing for a few weeks.” With the Growth retainer at Code, we continue to invest in further development."

Winning awards with an e-commerce platform

namuk’s dedication to sustainability and e-commerce excellence has been recognized by several awards, like the Swiss Digital Commerce Award in June 2023. namuk scored first place in the categories 'Brands & Producers' and 'Sustainability'. Simon: "We could never have achieved this without the replatforming and Shopify migration."  namuk is among the top in Switzerland, both in terms of e-commerce and sustainability. At Code, we couldn’t be more proud of the namuk team and our partnership.

Swiss Digital Commerce Award Winner namuk
Swiss Digital Commerce Award

Reducing returns with Returner

namuk has exciting plans for the future, including the integration of Returner, Code's returns & exchanges app, to automate return processes. The app enables the creation of a branded self-service return portal in which customers are encouraged to exchange products rather than returning them.

Simon has three arguments why he expects this to be the perfect return solution for namuk: "First of all, the return process will be much more efficient. With Returner, we will save around 15 to 20 man hours per month, that now go to processing returns. Second, Returner will contribute to a positive customer experience at the exchange. Currently, to exchange a size, the current order must be returned and a second, additional order placed for the new size. Returner is designed to simplify the exchange process for our customers.Thirdly, we would like to offer our customers the option of having their returns refunded in store credits (vouchers) instead of cash - and in return benefit from free returns." Brands such as MR MARVIS and MUD Jeans are successfully using Returner and our team is happy to tell you more about our return and exchange app.

The future of namuks e-commerce platform

namuk's further roadmap includes a one-page checkout, Shop The Look for quickly adding upsell bundles to boost conversion and AOV even more, and to integrate User Generated Content. namuk and Code are in for a long lasting relationship with many adventures to come, all to help the brand create lasting impact and soar to new heights.

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