Boost your conversion with 20% with Klaviyo and Code by Linda Bleijenberg

At Code we think it is important to not only help our clients to a well-functioning webshop, but also to an impressive conversion rate. The most effective tool that we use to achieve this is e-mailmarketing with Klaviyo. In this blog our CCO Bob and our Head Klaviyo Midge show you what our Klaviyo-partnership looks like, and the kind of results we can get for our clients.


3 reasons why e-mailmarketing is a must

1. High conversion

Every entrepreneur knows this already, but it cannot hurt to stress it once more: e-mailmarketing continues to be the best-converting type of marketing for your business. And to kick in another open door: yes, everybody is on Facebook, but even more people use e-mail. What is more, if your company has someone’s e-mail address, it means this person gave it to you. This customer already knows your brand. It won’t be cold calling, like in a Facebook ad.

2. Ownership

High conversion is not the only advantage, because e-mailmarketing is also a marketing channel that you own yourself. Bob: “E-mail is owned marketing: it is constant, predictable, you have control over it. When you advertise on Facebook or Google you basically throw a lot of money over the hedge and then pray the sales will come. You have no access to the algorithm, and have no choice but to accept any change of terms they roll out.”

Case in point: Apple’s iOS 14 release, which made successful advertising on Facebook a lot more difficult. Because of this privacy update visitors with an Apple device are much harder to track, which has a negative effect on your ROAS (Return On Ad Spend). Bob: “It’s going to be a real challenge to achieve a healthy return. Will you still be able to reach your revenue targets? One way of ensuring this is to scale up your e-mailmarketing.”

3. Inexpensive

And finally advantage number 3: e-mailmarketing is still the cheapest form of marketing available.

E-mailmarketing with Klaviyo & Code (and Midge)

For all those reasons, at Code we strongly believe in e-mailmarketing. And since the Shopify-MailChimp divorce in May 2019 (while we’re on that topic: could it be the argument was really about MailChimp preparing to move into storefronts as well?) we swear by Klaviyo to achieve the best results.

Why? Because Klaviyo enables you to monitor the behaviour of the people receiving your e-mails in great detail. With that information you can start tweaking to improve your conversion rate. What kind of e-mails do you send your customers? How long should they be, and should they have images or not? What could you change about the Subject line to boost open & clickthrough rates? In what segments should you divide your customerbase to further personalise your e-mails? 

Klaviyo also integrates seamlessly with Shopify and other Shopify apps that we love to work with at Code, such as Loyalty Lion and a few customer review apps.

Klaviyo is like Shopify in the sense that it is so userfriendly that anyone can start working with it – but if you really want to make a splash with your e-mailmarketing you can’t ignore Code. Because at Code we have got a secret weapon: Midge, our Head Klaviyo. Since 2019 he refines and improves e-mails on a daily basis, until he has found the best-converting combination for our clients. Hence, Midge knows all the viable strategies and benchmarks, knows what works for which clients and which line of business, and has the technical knowledge to customize Klaviyo to fit your needs as a brand. And not without success! Thanks to his efforts Code quickly became the first (and so far only) Elite Klaviyo Partner in the Benelux. This has advantages for us and for you, read more about it in this blog where we wrote about it.

Code is Elite Klaviyo Partner

You don’t become Elite Partner for nothing. It means we help a lot of clients and that those accounts are relatively healthy, meaning our e-mails are relatively rarely seen as spam – which indicates that our e-mails are opened and read relatively often. As an Elite Partner we can also offer our clients a few nice extra’s, such as a quarterly growth report for our clients, early access to new features, and our own Channel Success Manager at Klaviyo who makes sure we can help our clients even better.

Results with Klaviyo

What can you expect in terms of results, as our client? Midge: “Our most successful accounts receive about 40 to 50 % of their total revenue from e-mailmarketing with Klaviyo. These are brands such as Eline Rosina, POM Amsterdam, Fascino and Veloretti. The average is a bit lower, but still, a conversion rate of 20% is feasible for practically all brands.”

Bob adds: “We also see how our clients save money by rolling out one-off sales actions through Klaviyo. It could also have been done by building a whole flow in Shopify, but that is usually a lot more complicated and expensive and it doesn’t communicate as well with customers.” He mentions the examples of Sneakin, which launched a sneaker raffle this month and used Klaviyo for registration, drawing of lots, and follow-up; and Veloretti, which opened a pre-order option for the launch of their very first electrical bike.

Code’s Klaviyo package in 4 steps

Suppose you’re quite impressed by that 20 to 50% revenue we rake in for our clients, and you’re thinking of having Code do your e-mailmarketing. What can you expect of our Klaviyo package?

One thing we can guarantee is that we will work very closely with our client. Because we know how important brand consistency is, we make sure to use your own branding and tone-of-voice, the content and images you and your employees deliver to us. Depending on your wishes, budget and situation, we’ll determine a viable strategy and get to work. Throughout it all we check in with you regularly and constantly keep communication lines open, so you always know where we are in the process.

Below, Midge lines out what you can expect in terms of practical, day-to-day steps:

Step 1: Onboarding & setup

"We start by setting up your Klaviyo account, and will use your corporate identity to set up the basics for your marketing emails. Next, we will take care of data migration: importing the database from your previous email program. With those three steps you are ready to start sending emails.

After that, we implement the three best-converting e-mail flows:

  • a welcoming sequence for new customers
  • an abandoned-checkout reminder (this will retrieve about 10% of abandoned carts)
  • a back-in-stock notification.

Subsequently, we will A/B-test them for a while: what is the best timing, subject line, content? Should we use a header image or not? A formal or informal tone-of-voice? Should we exclude certain customer segments from certain e-mail flows?

With the testing done, we can move on to the remaining flows you saw in chapter 1, and start testing those.”

Step 2: Expanding and finetuning in monthly sprints

"After onboarding, every month we will have a look at how to further improve existing flows, and which new flows and campaigns to set up. If necessary we create new customer segments, for instance to reach a very specific audience for a campaign. Each adjustment and each new email flow is of course tested, in line with your brand strategy.

To keep our clients up-to-date, we plan a meeting with you every two weeks: to evaluate how your email flows are performing, to discuss further optimizations, and to brainstorm new flows.

When a client is successful with Klaviyo, it often comes with adjustments to their Shopify webshop as well. The client grows, starts thinking about new features and campaigns for their webshop – like offering subscriptions – and to communicate those to their customers they use Klaviyo. This in turn leads to more growth, and the process repeats itself. It works together beautifully.”


Interested? Let’s talk!

Are you already a client of Code’s? In that case you’re always welcome to have a sparring session about your e-mailmarketing. We can tell you all about cost, the kind of results that are feasible for your business, and how we propose to execute any specific requests you have.

If you aren’t a client of ours yet, but you do run a Shopify webshop: don’t hesitate to contact us! Give us a call, send an e-mail or drop by in Delft or Amsterdam. We’re happy to get to know you and your business! Or, of course, read our E-book where we tell you everything about Email Marketing with Klaviyo.

Linda Bleijenberg
Written by

Linda Bleijenberg

Code easily writes 100 lines of code every day, but a blog is a different story! So we leave that to Linda Bleijenberg, our copywriter. She lives around the corner in Delft and wants to be an IT wizard when she grows up. Until then, she interviews our experts and shares our most interesting insights about Shopify and E-Commerce on our blog.

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