Calling all Shopify merchants: Update your Shopify Payment integrations by Patrick Watzeels

Shopify is changing how 3rd party Payment Service Providers (PSPs) have to integrate with Shopify. Since April 30 2022 PSPs can only offer their services to merchants via a 'Payment App' based integration instead of the integration based on the legacy Hosted Payment SDK (HPSDK).

After July 31 2022, these HPSDK-based installations will be deprecated, meaning that you can no longer process payments through these payment methods, only refunds.

Up until recently, PSP installations from eg. Mollie and MultiSafePay were using the HPSDK and these installations have to be replaced with the corresponding Payment App version before July 31 2022.
Most of the PSPs are well prepared for this change, so let’s explain how you can get ready as well!

Make sure to check if action is required

Not all merchants have to take action, but it is very important to double check this for your Shopify store(s) to avoid payment processing disruptions. You don’t have to change anything if: you work with Shopify Payments for all Payment methods.

So, if you use Shopify Payments it does not mean that no action is required. For example if you use both Shopify Payments and a 3rd party Payment method.


How to recognize a ‘deprecated’ payment method?

Go to the Payments settings in your Shopify Admin (make sure to log in as store owner) and check the following: verify the top box. If this is not activated or you are using Shopify Payments, you’re good to go for this part. When you have configured a PSP you have to take action. 

In the image below you see an example of a payment method that requires action. You can also recognize this when the line “Switch to Shopify payments to manage all your payments within Shopify” is visible.


Check additional payment methods

Check the methods listed in the “Additional payment methods” section. You will have to check all the methods with the link “Manage” in the upper right corner.

Check your settings with the image below. If it looks similar to the image on the left, you have to take action (Account information section), we explain how to do this further down this page. If it looks similar to the image on the right (Account status section), you don’t have to take action for this payment method.

What do I have to do when I have to take action?

To get ready for July 31 2022 you have to follow these steps. We’ll advise you to do this right away, to ensure a smooth transition and avoid payment hickups for your customers.

Note: you need to be logged in as store owner to make these edits, so we can’t make them for you.

  1. Check with your PSP if there is a Payment App for your Payment method(s). Note that you have to install a Payment App for each Payment Method. We have listed the most commonly used Provider below. Is your Provider not listed? Please contact them in order to see if action is needed.
    - Mollie (also available in Dutch)
    - MultiSafePay
    - Klarna (native)
  2. Install the new Payment App(s) for all the Payment Methods that you use. Use your PSPs documentation to guide you through the process.
  3. Check afterwards if the PSPs were added.
  4. Do NOT remove the old Payment method(s). You will have to disable the old Payment Method(s), this ensures that you can handle refunds later.

What about refunds on payments made before I installed the new app(s)?

Once you have installed the new Payment App(s) and you have disabled the old Payment methods you should still be able to process refunds for orders placed before the change.

In case it does not work for some reason we suggest handling the refund in the Admin panel of your PSP.

Which Payment Methods cannot be handled by 3rd Party Providers

Shopify does not support the Payment methods below for 3rd Party Providers anymore, so you need to use the native Shopify integration (only available through Shopify Payments) if you want to use one or more of these Payment methods:

Contact Code if you need assistance

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Patrick Watzeels

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