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Dutch brand 10DAYS was founded in 2007 by two friends with a similar taste in clothes. They loved stylish comfort and a sense of freedom, but couldn't find items to match in what was on offer in stores back then. Ten years later their own timeless, seasonless, ageless and gender-neutral collection scores high marks both in the Netherlands and abroad. 




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integrating it all with Shopify?

The recent decision to focus even more on the international market inspired 10DAYS to have another look at their business processes. Was there room for more efficiency? Yes, it turned out: things could be improved a lot by streamlining the IT, in such a way as to make all systems talk to each other.

Webpage 10DAYS | Code

To achieve that, a new platform was needed. 10DAYS went with Shopify Plus, and we at Code had the honour to build their new webshop. Because of our track record in that area, we were also allowed to start integrating the new Shopify webshop with a.o. ACA Fashion Software, and the ERP software already used by 10DAYS. By the time we were done we had connected pretty much the whole company to Shopify! How's that for streamlining ;)

In terms of graphic design, too, we were having a ball. The clean design for the webshop, delivered by SAMT Agency, had some nice challenges for our frontenders. SAMT's design for the product pages for instance, made it possible for us to stretch the boundaries of the standard Shopify layout some more. The blog pages make our little Shopify-loving hearts swell with pride as well: you don't see them this fancy too often!

10DAYS model | Code
10DAYS pants | Code
10DAYS model | Code

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