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e-commerce company is: migrating to another platform is a challenge. Why would you choose to re-platform from Magento to Shopify anyway? Reinier and Rianne van Rumpt have the answers. Thanks to the explosive growth of their webshop, they had no other choice.





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Reinier and Rianne discovered this five years ago when they re-launched and they gave the webshop their full attention. is specialized in personalized products for businesses and consumers. You can send packages with a personalized card to your remote employees, thank you gifts after a wedding or say goodbye to your co-workers when you retire. There is a personalized Thank You gift for every budget and occasion. “Because of the explosive growth of we quickly experienced problems with software and servers,” tells Reinier.

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Safe and reliable hosting by Shopify

Customers of can upload their photos and other creations up to 20 MB, so that they can print them on a candy jar, for example. That’s why a reliable site that can handle big files is a must. Because of this, wished to outsource the hosting. Shopify Plus is the ideal solution: this Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform offers safe and reliable hosting and unlimited bandwidth.

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Magento’s limited lifespan as the deadline

The fact that Magento 1 only had a limited lifespan, was another reason to research other platforms. “We didn’t want any hassle with our server”, Reinier explains. “Magento 2 was not an option, because then we would still need to figure out the hosting ourselves.” When you are looking for a stable and reliable SaaS solution, Shopify is most likely the answer. “Shopify was an upcoming platform, and I’ve read good things about it.”

Code and hit it off immediately. “It’s a professional team with great ideas”, Reinier explained. One of those ideas was to migrate, another one of his webshops, to Shopify first. A great way to get to know the platform. It was such a relief to see how easy and smoothly the system works, you can only truly understand that by experiencing it. The green light for re-platforming was given. “There was no export, import or reuse of old code involved. We started building the website from scratch.”

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13.000 new designs has a big assortment, but not ten thousand products to sell. The catch is 8 to 10 options per product which customers can choose from. This results in uploading no less than 13.000 new designs and products, which made the development of the new Shopify store not an easy task. Reinier discovered that Shopify Plus comes with its own challenges, as is the case with any other system. “What’s important with Shopify - and Code has given very good advice on this front - is that you have to pay close attention to which extra apps you use and if they are compatible. 

For example, using two different apps that arrange bulk discounts at the same time, is not a good idea.” The products aren’t complicated, but they all have their own options, minimum order value, quantity discounts and different designs for people to choose from. It was an interesting puzzle to figure out.

Brievenbus bedankje | Code
Brievenbus bedankje met chocola | Code

Conversion and order value are on the rise

Of course, he also sees the many benefits of the Shopify Plus platform. “If you compare the appearance of now with what we had before? There’s a world of difference”, he says. “It’s a professional website now, thanks to Code. Before this change, people got the impression that we were running as our side hustle from our attic. They had no idea that we have 10 employees and 40.000 packages are sent out every year.”

The effects of the renewed website are already noticeable. The conversion rate increased to an enviable 5,04 per cent. And partly due to the better search function, the order value had also increased significantly by as much as 15 to 20 per cent. Quantity discount, a lot of different options per product and personalization makes it complex. But in the end, we have a stable and reliable website, where personal contact and customer satisfaction are still no.1. They also see this in the reviews. Almost 8000 reviews and a 9.4 customer rating on Kiyoh

“ We often experience that customers with a Magento webshop are afraid to touch anything or do updates (sometimes even critical updates), because inexplicable bugs would follow, resulting in sleepless nights. These concerns are a thing of the past with Shopify Plus. It allows you to focus on what really matters - growing your business! Being able to sleep well again is also a nice side effect. ;-) “

Bob Rockland Founder, Code

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